YachtLife Curates Exotic Caribbean Sailing Experiences
We provide access to unique chartered sailing vacations and encourage a lifestyle of travel and adventure for young professionals

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The lifestyle associated with yachting and international travel represents achievement and success, yet is considered by most young professionals to be an ideal, accessible only to those individuals with extraordinary means.

YachtLife creates an access point into this lifestyle and audaciously offers 21-35 year old professionals an opportunity to vacation for 6 days in the Caribbean aboard chartered yachts, featuring all-inclusive convenience at an affordable price.

This is Our YachtLife




YachtLife is truly worry-free travel, allowing you to appreciate this unique experience, while relaxing in style under a Caribbean sun

The logistics and preparations required for this unique vacation experience are pre-arranged and included in the price of the vacation. Participants enjoy the luxury of a care-free vacation experience, with all-inclusive perks like:

  1. On-board meals, some alcohol and gourmet food provisioning (included)
  2. All ground (in market) transportation (included)
  3. Unique excursions, events and nightlife at multiple destinations throughout their vacation (included)
YachtLife Offers Two Destination Options for Your Vacation

British Virgin Islands (BVI)  (July 22-27, 2015)

YachtLife | British Virgin Islands

Lauded as some of the best sailing in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands offer a plethora of stunning islands, all within close proximity.

Smooth sailing coupled with beauty, culture, nightlife and nonstop excitement!





We keep the party going as we island-hop to The Baths at Virgin Gorda and then onward to the Bight at Norman Island, finishing at the world-renowned Foxy’s Resort in Jost Van Dyke.


Abacos, Bahamas ( June 17-22, 2015)


YachtLife | BahamasUnrivaled beauty with a relaxed vibe, the Abacos are the chilled-out mixtape of chartered sailing in the Caribbean.

Boasting one of National Geographic’s “Top 10 Best Beaches in the World”, the Abacos are known for scenic vistas, world-class snorkeling in reefs packed with sea life and shallow white sand beaches stretching for miles in each direction.

There is an abundance of history and culture to explore on-shore, first-rate golfing, and smooth sailing.


Ready to set sail!

Choose from one of our four packages and suite options.

Standard Suite


  • Double Cabin

  • Two Occupants

  • each cabin comfortably sleeps two people

Captain's Suite

$2395 / person

  • Whole Cabin

  • No Bunkmate

  • Individual Booking a Whole Cabin

Whole Boat

$1295 / person

  • 3 Double Cabins

  • Six Occupants

  • you & your friends book a whole boat


$1195 / person

  • Double Cabin

  • Two Occupants

  • reduced rate for previous YachtLife Participants

Purchase your YachtLife Vacation with
one full payment
multiple scheduled payments
 We make it easy on your budget!

Click ‘Booking’ from the menu above to submit your deposit and a YachtLife Organizer will contact you with your options for destinations, vacation packages, and payment schedules.

Your YachtLife Organizer will also provide you with important details on personal liability, traveler’s insurance, passports, your flight, and answer any questions you may have.  Your deposit is non-refundable, and airfare and alcohol are purchased separately.





  1. WTH is YachtLife?
  2. How much time do we actually spend sailing?
  3. Do I need to know how to sail?
  4. Do I need to know how to swim?
  5. How do I get to and from St. Thomas/the Bahamas?
  6. What will the weather be like?
  7. What are the arrangements for meals?
  8. What are the accommodations like?
  9. How do I secure my spot?
  10. How can I pay for my trip?



#1 WTH is YachtLife?

YachtLifeFor the past two years, YachtLife has organized trips to the Caribbean to introduce young professionals to yachting culture and the experience of a lifetime.

Sailing may be perceived as the hobby of the privileged, but YachtLife is determined to acquaint this way of life, sport and relaxation to a new and diverse group of people.

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#2 How much time do we actually spend sailing?

Sunset CruiseDuring the vast majority of the trip, our boats are anchored or docked at a pristine beach or luxurious yacht club.

Trips in between destinations are approximately 2 to 3 hours in length. The Caribbean waters are generally calm and land is always in sight. It’s an ideal introduction to sailing and YachtLife. For more details, view the itineraries for the British Virgin Islands and Bahamas excursions.

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#3 Do I need to know how to sail?

yachtlife-s-05Sailing experience is definitely not required. However, there will be opportunities during the trip to learn more about sailing and assist the captain.

If you happen to be an experienced sailor and would like to be a Captain or First Mate on the trip, use our contact form to let us know.

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#4 Do I need to know how to swim?

Swim? Not If Your Don't Want ToYou don’t need to know how to swim to be a part of YachtLife.

There are lifejackets on board for each passenger and safety is always the captain’s number one priority. On arrival day, we’ll have a brief safety meeting to address any questions.

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#5 How do I get to and from St. Thomas/the Bahamas?

Be Sure To Book Your FlightPassengers are responsible for booking their own travel to and from St. Thomas (STT) or the Bahamas (MHH). Airfare is not included in the price of trip.

Once you have secured your spot, you’ll receive details by email about what time you must arrive at the destination airport and what time you should book your flight home.

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#6 What will the weather be like?

Sunny WeatherTemperatures average between the mid 70s and upper 80s. Rain showers and light storms are sporadic in the region during July and August.

Be sure to check weather forecasts online before you pack.

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#7 What are the arrangements for meals?

We'll Be Picking Up Some GroceriesA food stipend is included in the cost of the trip and each yacht has a full kitchen on board.

Every boat is responsible for cooking meals with the provided groceries.

One or two people on board may volunteer to be the chefs for the week or the whole boat may decide to rotate cooking responsibilities among each passenger.

Keep in mind that if you aren’t doing the cooking, your help cleaning up and tidying the common areas is always appreciated.

At several destinations like Scrub Island Resort and Bitter End Yacht Club there are restaurant/bars/dining options, if you prefer.

Your vacation package includes any meals on-board; the cost of any meals onshore is your responsibility.

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#8 What are the accommodations like?

YachtLifeCheck out the floorplan of the yachts. Each cabin sleeps two passengers in a double bed and has a bathroom (called the head) adjacent to it.

When reserving your spot on the trip, you must indicate to the YachtLife organizers who your cabinmate will be. Standard Packages are not offered for single booking.

If you would like to book a single cabin to yourself, select the Individual Ticket (solo cabin) option when reserving your spot. Linens and towels for the shower will be provided.

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#9 How do I secure my spot?

and reserve your spot with a deposit or purchase your vacation package in full via PayPal.

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#10 How can I pay for my trip?

Book My TripAfter submitting your deposit, you will receive an email from booking@yachtlifefor.me with options for purchasing your vacation.

Choose your destination, vacation package, and either payment in full or through multiple payments. You can pay for your trip with up to three payments after your non-refundable deposit.

Airfare and alcohol are not included, and must be purchased separately.


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